Better Understand Your Most Valuable Assets

You’ve got the store, the staff, and the inventory, but without customers you’ve got nothing. Every customer that shops your business is a good customer; however, the best customers are those that keep coming back. The million-dollar question is…how do you keep them coming back? The Rapid Bev POS solution includes an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) feature that assists you in transforming good customers into great customers. The dual-purpose tool allows you to effectively communicate with customers, while simultaneously analyzing their behaviors to ensure you give them exactly what they want, how they want it, when they want it. The ability to organize and synchronize data allows you to drill down to behaviors by customer so you can also effectively manage your inventory. In addition, Rapid Bev POS allows you to appropriately upsell, remarket, and establish credibility with your customers using purchase history.

Here are just a few of the CRM features we think you’ll find valuable:

  • Quickly create customer profiles with our driver’s license scan auto-populate feature
  • Capture relevant customer information during any transaction, including: email addresses, phone numbers, mailing and shipping addresses (multiple), birthdays and anniversaries
  • Track customer purchase history to help focus your sales efforts on high-demand products and brands
  • Send trigger-based emails to customers containing in-store/online sales announcements, purchase receipts with special offers, birthday and anniversary acknowledgements with coupons, VIP event invites, and more
  • Manage club memberships, including: enrollment, cancellation, automated expiration and suspension, customer preferences, and order history
  • See the effectiveness of your email campaigns with Closed Loop Reporting, including margin for the entire customer basket

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Immediate benefits you’ll experience with Rapid Bev POS:

  • Instant integration with club management and rewards programs
  • Pinpoint sales opportunities and increase profitability
  • Solidify customer relationships beyond the transaction and establish long-term loyalty
  • Comprehensive reporting and business performance evaluations