POS On The Go—your Portable Sidekick

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, your mobile point-of-sale device will handle almost everything your main POS terminal(s) can. Whether delivering a custom order, selling at a trade show, working a special event, or walking the sales floor, you’ll be able to look up real-time inventory, order products from vendors, sell items to customers, and communicate important information to your staff.

Here are just a few of the mobile features we think you’ll find valuable:

  • Instant inventory visibility for price checks and available quantities
  • Customer records at your fingertips anywhere you are—purchase history, preferences, notes, etc.—to create more personalized shopping experiences for guests
  • Complete orders/sales/returns from start to finish, including scanning items, accepting credit card payments, and printing or emailing receipts
  • Line bust your check-out queue by processing credit card transactions on the spot, or by scanning orders and collecting customer data (email addresses for receipts) for parked transaction recall at the register
  • Automatic data sync/updates for items sold and inventory items purchased while offsite
  • Scan IDs to verify age of guests for wine and beer tasting rooms
  • Durable, connected, and adaptable NCR hardware with a world-class warranty/replacement program

Schedule a demo today with a product specialist and see firsthand how our mobile features will modernize your business and make you more efficient.

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Immediate benefits you’ll experience with Rapid Bev POS:

  • Assist customers anywhere they are, onsite or offsite
  • Stay connected to your POS system regardless of your location
  • Complete transactions instantaneously without access to the main terminal(s)
  • Increase check-out speed and decrease queue lines