Eliminate Long Lines and Delays

After you’ve invested significant time and energy into attracting customers to your store, the last thing you want is for even one of them to be discouraged by unexpected wait times and complicated checkout procedures. Rapid Bev POS is designed with industry best practices in mind to ensure that guests to your store don’t walk away with bad tastes in their mouths.

Here are just a few of the fast checkout features we think you’ll find valuable:

  • Fastest possible credit, debit, phone pay (Apple Pay and Google Wallet), and gift card processing
  • Touchscreen technology for expedited transactions regardless of type or tender, including hot keys for common dollar amounts and items without barcodes
  • # of items sold displayed prominently on screen for easy verification and cart auditing
  • Line busting tools utilizing Rapid On-the-Go mobile technology
  • Scan IDs for quick customer look-up and loyalty program attribution
  • Distribute receipts via email

Schedule a demo today with a product specialist and see firsthand how our fast checkout features will assist you in creating a positive customer experience that will reduce/eliminate cart abandonment and frustration.

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Immediate benefits you’ll experience with Rapid Bev POS:

  • Shorter wait times and smaller queues
  • Save paper costs by implementing digital receipts (and capture more email addresses for customer remarketing)
  • More productive and efficient employees and processes