Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Advanced Security Features

Whether your concern is data security, compliance, theft, or simply who has access to proprietary information, Rapid Bev POS has your back. Our built-in security features protect you and your customers from hackers, petty thieves, employees with sticky fingers, and every other imaginable breach of trust.

Here are just a few of the security features we think you’ll find valuable:

  • Rapid Bev POS is PCI compliant. Our credit card gateway uses peer-to-peer encryption (P2PE), tokenization, and it is EMV (chip card) capable, which ensures maximum protection of your customers’ credit card data
  • Connect your existing surveillance system into your POS system and monitor store activity—compare recorded activity against reported activity if discrepancies surface
  • Reduce (and hopefully eliminate) shrink with loss prevention features that automatically alert you when unwarranted discounts, no-sales, voids, and price changes are applied to customer transactions
  • Restrict access by employee login/job code, to ensure that only those authorized to access cash drawers and reporting features are able to do so, as well as who can key in manual adjustments during transactions

Schedule a demo today with a product specialist and see firsthand how our built-in security features will protect your business—and your bottom line.

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Immediate benefits you’ll experience with Rapid Bev POS:

  • Increased employee accountability
  • PCI compliance for credit card transactions
  • Data security via chip cards, encryption, and tokenization
  • Comfort knowing your business is protected using state-of-the-art technology