Easily Sell Your Merchandise, All Day, Everyday

Building or maintaining your online presence doesn’t have to be a headache, in fact, with the right POS solution it is simple and stress free. Connecting your online store with Rapid Bev POS takes the work out of maintaining a digital store and a brick-and-mortar store, by automatically syncing transaction details and inventory between the two—eliminating the need for entering the same information in multiple systems. Our open architecture allows for you to select the 3rd-party eCommerce platform of your choice, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more!

Here are just a few eCommerce features we think you’ll find valuable:

  • Sell products and services 24/7/365
  • Automatically sync changes to product details, available inventory and prices from Rapid Bev POS directly to your eCommerce websites and online marketplace stores, such as Drizly, Wine Trader,, Amazon, etc.—effectively eliminating redundant data entry and overselling
  • Instantly access real-time transaction reporting across all sales channels, in a single view
  • Streamline fulfillment processing with our ShipCompliant integration (calculates real-time shipping rates, checks for state-by-state compliance), as well as our built-in system features (easily print shipping labels and duplicate invoices to include in the shipment, and use the CRM functionality to send emails to customers with tracking information and order status updates)
  • Extend customers and prospects additional opportunities to research and purchase products you sell, offer special online discounts to loyalty program members, and increase your brand equity and awareness in the marketplace
  • Employ the Rapid Marketing team to assist with optimizing your website for organic search, as well as deploy paid search campaigns for even more visibility

Schedule a demo today with a product specialist and see firsthand how our eCommerce solution makes it easy to open and maintain an online profit center.

See all Rapid Bev POS core features here.

Immediate benefits you’ll experience with Rapid Bev POS:

  • Broaden your reach and sell your merchandise 24/7/365
  • Easily add (or remove) items from your online store within minutes
  • Capture customer information for remarketing programs
  • Save time by eliminating manual inventory counting